Covid-19: a test for our humanity.

Maeckelberghe, Els; Schröder-Bäck, Peter (2020) Covid-19: a test for our humanity. European Journal of Public Health 30(5)852-853,


  • Maeckelberghe, Els

Name der Zeitschrift:European Journal of Public Health


Seiten von-bis:852-853

Beschreibung: The Covid-19 pandemic is not a war zone of combat and competing interests, but a ‘test of our humanity’, as the German president Frank-Walter Steinmeier said in his television speech on 11 April 2020. This is as time of carefully addressing ethical principles that both guide and challenge acts and policies, to investigate how these principles contribute to upholding humanity, and how they inform us about unsolvable dilemmas. These are times we have to act even though we might make the wrong decisions. Part of testing our humanity is preparing ourselves to face the wrong decisions that were made in times of uncertainty. ...

Schlagworte:Ethics, Public Health